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Alex Romberg is a theatre director back in Colorado from East 15 Acting School in London where she received an MFA in Directing. Alex spent two years in Chicago as a sound designer and practitioner, most frequently working on the sound crew at Chicago Shakespeare Theater. With a passion for international arts, Alex has also worked and studied in Barcelona, Moscow, and BaliAlex  founded Bewilderness Theatre Company, who took Maria Ornata to Edinburgh Fringe 2017 and staged an outdoor immersive show for Climate Change Theatre Action.

Alex grew up in the foothills outside of Denver and received a B.A. in Theatre and a B.S. in Psychology from Colorado State University in 2012.

Member of Stage Directors UK 2015-2017. 

I ultimately strive to direct because of the togetherness that theatre brings, both to the collaborators on a project and the audience who sees the result. Much of the world's controversy comes from a lack of empathy, and the theatre I make aims to alleviate that lack. I gravitate toward stories that explore unusual sides of human relationships and styles that subvert the audience's expectations without betraying the spirit of the piece. I hope to provide audiences with memorable and touching moments that keep them reflecting on the piece long after they've left the theatre.


Artist Statement

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