Video Work Gallery

Samples of video work in filming, editing and animation.



Student project; animated selection from the children's book Arrow To The Sun. Created using Photoshop and AfterEffects. 

Frederick Douglas Speech

Class assignment to design projections for Civil War The Musical to accompany a speech by Frederick Douglas. Created in AfterEffects and later projected in QLab. 

Giraffe Painting

For The RockBand Project 2012, each band had a projection of their name. This animation was played on a loop during their performance. Created in Photoshop and AfterEffects. 

Production & Editing

MMFU: See What Audiences Are Saying

Promo Video for Mountains Made For Us. Filmed on Smart Phone, Edited in iMovie. 

Hamlet II

Student project for Digital Media design; film edited to create a trailer that changed the original genre. Edited in Adobe PremierePro. 

Lifestyle Photographer

A video application for Australian Working Holiday, April 2013. Edited in Premiere Pro.

A Cuppa Joe in FoCo

Final project for a composition class in May 2009. Edited in iMovie. 

Helena's Letter

In this cutaway for All's Well That Ends Well, Helena finds out that her husband is abandoning her to fight in a war. 

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