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Sound Design Clip Gallery

Samples of past work with Sound Design, Recording, and Editing
Sound Design of Video

The Sci Fi Project

CSU Sound Course, 2010: Students had to choose from three silent clips from science fiction films. From writing a script, to recording voice-overs, to adding music and sound effects, we had to create an entire soundscape for whatever clip we chose. This project was voted second-best in a class of twenty-four.

 A Few Good Men, CSU 2011. Played in scene change after defendant Downey has testified to some very damaging evidence for the defense, and leading into the famous scene where Kaffee questions Colonel Jessup.

Miles Away, the side project Chicago 2014. Opening sequence to introduce the audience to world of the play about pool hustlers trying to escape life on the road. 

Rabbit Hole, Bas Bleu 2012. Howie watches the tape of him playing with his now deceased son Danny at the park. For the scene change that followed, "Beautiful Boy" performed by the Vitamin String Quartet plays.

Twelfth Night, CSU 2011. The storm that brings Viola to Illyria. This track was recorded while it played in the space.

La Voix Humaine, YPO 2010. In the final moments before The Woman in takes her life, she says farewell to the man who has driven her to this point. This track underscored the scene.

Final CSU Sound Course Assignment, 2010: The Complete History of America (Abridged). In this moment, one of the characters has a hallucination about the 1960s. Ends with a running bit about "Snowbird" by Anne Murray.

CSU Sound Course, 2010: A hip hop style remix of the Ink Spots' "If I Didn't Care."

CSU Sound Course, 2010: A remix created from a series of loops and a clip from Back To The Future.

Quake, YPO 2010. A techno mix edited together with voiceovers from the cast that played over the scene.

Podcasting & Voiceover Work

2020. A podcast produced for a job application to Youth Empowerment Broadcasting Organization (YEBO). 

Self-recorded and edited vocal reel showing voiceover, interview style, and live performance. 

Edited Music Tracks

Sound Design Tracks
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